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Lines – Physics Drawing Puzzle is a new Zen puzzle published by the creators of Puzzlerama and Mazes & More. Challenge your brain, draw, cut and erase to find the solution to the 250+ smart levels. Relax, unwind and let the color flow into the labyrinth of lines, in a Zen experience that will let your mind flow free and antistress. Some levels have a perfect symmetry, other are a maze of lines. Can you master all of them? No pencil needed!
How to play Lines – Physics Drawing Puzzle
Depending on the level, you will need to tap to place a dot over a line, erase and opponent´s dot, cut or draw lines. Then watch the colors unfold and flow!
Lines – Physics Drawing Puzzle key features include:
- 5 different modes: Point, Erase, Cut, Draw and Mix
- Daily Challenges
- 26 achievements to unlock
-250 smart levels
- Use your brain and logics to find the solutions
- Bronze, Silver and Gold medals for each level.
- Infinite fun!
Point Mode
Tap over a line to place a dot. Be smart and choose and strategic and logic position for the dots. Sometimes you need to place one, other two dots.
Eraser Mode
Tap over an opponent´s dot to erase it.
Draw Mode
Draw a line with your fingers to connect lines to your advantage. Use your brain!
Cut Mode
Cut a line to stop the flow of your opponent´s color.
Hope you all guys enjoy Lines – Physics Drawing Puzzle! Created by our Dutch friends from Gamious!

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